Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | June 23, 2010

Yellow Fever turns Gav green

I had my yellow fever injection last week and it sent me wacko! As soon as it went it my arm I felt a bit dizzy and was doing my best to hold it together as the nurse told Erin about the hepatitis injection she was about to have.

The nurse saw me and said “Are you alright? You look a bit pale”

Except you looked green!

And I was all like “yes I’m fine” but only because I knew I’d never live it down if I passed out!

Anyroad, I recovered and then we went to the pub and I was fully spaced out. It was pretty good fun being wobbly, but we ran out of money and went home where I promptly felt ill again and had to go to bed.

A week later I got itchy, sensitive skin all over my body and had to have a day working from home so I could sit in my pants. It was really uncomfortable.

More for me – I had to look at you sat around in your pants!

You love it! Anyroad, I’m back to normal now and Yellow Fever can’t get me. Erin is fully injected and I have my last hepatitis to go, then we’re off to Malaysia in 10 days. The countdown continues!


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