Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | June 24, 2010

Countdown and goodbyes

So we are heading ever nearer to launch day! Now is the time when I come into my own and manage the last week with a calm and cool exterior.

You’re joking, you’re having a stress meltdown!

Actually dear husband, I haven’t even got near meltdown phase yet! But we have only one week to go and a LOT of house to pack up.

We have also had our leaving party – at the lovely Charles Dickens pub in sunny Worthing – and started to say the big goodbyes to our family and friends. Gavin took our leaving party very seriously and drank his body weight in ale. Had to be dragged out, hiccuping away!

Err, I think that is a BIT of an exaggeration…

It isn’t. However, as ale is going to be a rare and, if found, pricey commodity when we’re away, who can blame him for turning into an ale camel.

Now, to the trip. Our first stop is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Never call it KL in my presence.

Right, anyway, we’ll be there for 3 nights at the Rainforest B&B – Gavin’s first experience of a hostel which he is really looking forward to!

Because I love sharing sleepy time with strangers.

Then we head to Melaka, an old colonial port town a few hours south. Soak up a bit of culture before going down to Singapore for 5 nights and of course, my birthday. WOO WOO!

And after that my friends, who knows???


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