Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | July 5, 2010

First stop – Kuala Lumpur

Hello from a rather hot, humid and busy Kuala Lumpur! And yes, Gavin, I shan’t refer to it as KL, even though that would be quicker to type!

Good girl.

Our flight over from the UK, with budget airline, Air Aisa, was fine but long! I would recommend the airline though – about a million times better than the budget airlines in Europe.

I have done an indepth review on WvW.

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur tired as it was 7am here but coming up to midnight back in Blighty. We negotiated our way via the bus from the airport into town, then onto a monorail to the vicinity of our hostel…and it was after this that we got rather lost! Directions we had to our hostel were very bad…yes, let’s blame those. After wandering round for about 30 mins in the roasting heat, Gavin the hero bravely went into a very posh looking Crowne Plaza to seek help! He was literally drenched in sweat.

And scared Erin was about to fully lose it!

Actually going into a posh hotel can be a good tactic for the following reasons:

  • Posh hotels will have staff that are polite and trained to help.
  • They will have decent maps for their highpaying punters.
  • They will help you if only to get your dishevelled backpacking ass out of their gleaming reception!

And thus it was so. They gave us great map and good directions to our hostel. And I didn’t even have a little breakdown with all the hotness and lostness!

I’ve seen you better, but I’ve seen you worse too babe.

Anyway, our hostel, the Rainforest B&B, is really lovely. We seem to have acquired our own private balcony as well, result!

And a pet room lizard. He’s grey. I call him Greyham.

On to the city itself. It is big, busy, vibrant, colourful and full of amazing sights, great food – and some very odd smells!

We couldn’t figure out the stink at first until we caught sight of the culprit along a street filled with hawker food outlets. THE DURIAN! It smells so bad there is no way I could get near enough it eat it.

We have eaten at street food outlets most of the time. I had a delicious bowl of curry laksa – noodles, coconut milk, spices and tofu – for about £1. We have had a couple of bizarre experiences but it’s fun!

So far on the sights side of things we have visited the KL Tower (well looked up at it), the Petronus Towers, one of the city’s main mosques, an Orchid and Hibiscus Garden, the National Museum and the thoroughly brilliant National Art Gallery. Here we chatted to the curator of one of the exhibitions, who invited us to a gallery opening on Wed evening! However we will have left for Melaka by then, but it’s nice to be asked!

It’s only our second day but we having a great time! Tomorrow we are off to the Batu Caves, hope hubby won’t be too scared in the dark!

The only thing I’m scared of is Greyham, wherever the little fella has got to!

Ciao for now peoples x



  1. Ah, yes. The Durian. A lot of hostels and hotels in Asia have signs in their lobbies banning the consumption of this wonderful little fruit on their premises.

    First nights in new cities are always tricky. We wrote a post about it – – where we consider all bets to be off for the first 24 hours.

    We would have probably just stayed in the posh hotel, so kudos to you for sticking it out and finding your hostel!

    Have fun in Kuala Lumpur!

    Simon and Erin

    • Have you eaten Durian Si? We’re not keen on the idea. It smells of bin.

  2. Loving the pics guys – keep them coming!

    That pic of you eating sweetcorn E reminds me of that weird stuff you brought back from Japan!!

    L xx

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