Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | July 9, 2010

Bitten to Buggery: Kuala Lumpur to Melaka to Singapore

That is what I am!

But I haven’t been bitten at all.

They seem to have all gone for me – I do have a bit more flesh on the old bones I suppose. Anyway, take a look at one of my minging bites. I have about twelve now, all over my legs. I look like some sort of leper. Totally gross!

Yukky bites

Yukky bites

The owner of our current guesthouse has given me some super cream which is soothing them now.

In other, more exciting news –


We are now in Singapore! It is brilliant! Well so far anyway, we are loving it. It is super easy to get around, loads of cool stuff to see and do, delicious food, friendly people and ale for Gavin! The only downside is that it is rather pricey. We’re here for 5 days, and to celebrate my birthday!

We left Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday for Melaka. We really enjoyed our time in Malaysia’s capital but were looking forward to a slighly quieter place.

I like the peace!

Melaka has a colourful past – due to its position as a port it became a vital outpost on the main trading routes. Therefore lots of countries wanted to control it! The Portuguese and British legacy is seen everywhere, mainly in the architecture. It’s a lovely seaside town with a very European riverside. We also sampled traditional Baba Nonya food, the cuisine of the indigenous people, as well as taking a tour of a traditional house.

And I sampled the other famous food – pineapple tarts.


We stayed in a great guesthouse – Old Town Guesthouse, which is kind of more like a traditional B&B as the family who own it live there with their very cute daughter. Would really recommend this as somewhere to stay, despite it being populated by several (very sweet) people all trying to out-travel-story each other….

So now to Singapore. We’re very excited about our few days here, and after a conversation yesterday, we think we may have decided where to go next.

It’s Bali people – I need some beach time! All I want to do is lie on the sand, swim in the sea and sleep. Oh and drink beer. The wife can go off sightseeing or shopping or whatever. I am doing nothing!

Stay tuned for more ‘exciting’ news. Take care peeps




  1. Happy Birthday to Erin !!!!!
    Have a nice birthday and have fun Singapore !!!!!

    How is your legs ?
    Take care, please.

    • Thanks Mikie. I had a great day. Legs getting better now thank you. Hope you are getting better after the appendicitis. See you soon. Love Erin x

      • Thank you Erin.
        I’m getting better and I’m came to take care with health than I used to be.
        I am looking forward to meet you.
        See you soon.
        Mikie x

  2. Glad you are having fun. Sorry about the bites Erin – I get bit way more than Simon too. Not fair!

    Bali next then? If you want a quiet beach head to Amed on the East coast – we stayed in a gorgeous luxurious hotel for US$50 a night (we needed a treat after 8 months in Asia). Ubud is touristy but has great veggie food. Kuta is pretty awful although a good place for surf lessons.


    • What a timely intervention – we’re just trying to sort out a place to stay there so we’ll have a shufti around Amed. Cheers for the tip.

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