Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | July 15, 2010

Sing, sing Singapore!

This was so quality! I’m tempted to write everything we did!

But it’s late and we need to go for dinner soon.

Good point wife. So the coolest things we did in Singapore were

  • Go to Universal Studios
  • Have a lush birthday dinner
  • Visit the botanical gardens
  • Go to the National Museum of Singapore
  • Eat durian

Except it was disgusting – look at his face!

Gavin eating Durian - the King of Fruits!

  • and have loads of fun in a city that is easy to get around, where there is some weirdness but not too much and everyone is lovely.

All our Singapore photos are here.

It can be a bit expensive but it doesn’t have to be if you play your cards right. We ate and drank from Hawker stalls mostly which is the cheapest way. On the last night we both ate for $3.80 in Singapore dollars which is less than £2. We spent the profits on beer!

Singapore was my birthday country and I couldn’t have picked a better location. We had such a good time, and we were sad to leave.

But leave we did for Bali via Jakarta. It was a full-on nightmare culminating in our rucksacks getting lost and me looking like this.

Sunburnt Gav in Bali

All will be revealed in our next post, but don’t worry – we’re now reunited with our rucksacks and relaxing in Bali.

Dinner time! See you laters x

PS all tips on dealing with sunburn gratefully received!



  1. Wow! sounds like you are having a fab time! 🙂 Aloe Vera for sunburn! have a nice dinner x

    • I’m covered in Aloe Vera now – thanks Frea and Nambo. It doesn’t hurt as much and I’m all slippery.

  2. ‘All will be revealed’ eh? Is that the full frontal shot? I’ll be skipping that post if you don’t mind!

  3. Gavin!! Suncream up!!!!
    Glad you got your stuff back 🙂

  4. Get hold of some fresh Aloe Vera and get the wife to smear it all over the burnt bits! Enjoy Bali xx

  5. I love your his and hers website. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun apart from lost luggage and burnt Gav! x

    • The aftersun you gave us is doing the trick – cheers Michelle

  6. No body in there right minds eats Durian! How was you fresh breath afterward? The smell is so bad they won’t let you travel on the underground with it in Singapore.

  7. […] up was Universal Studios. We’d been to the one in Singapore earlier on in our trip, and the Orlando version did not disappoint.  Thank you, come again The Rock and Roll coaster. You […]

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