Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | July 23, 2010


Well, we went to Bali for 7 days of relaxation and taking it easy.  As some of you know, things didn’t exactly go to plan…

You can say that again!

As the pain has now started to recede and we are having a lovely time back in Malaysia, up in the Cameron Highlands, we can even laugh about some of the things that happened. So we decided to keep this brief as we don’t want to dwell on the bad times TOO much!

As previously documented we had horrible time flying into Bali via Jakarta and then our luggage was lost.

After that we thought things can only get better, the only way is up, here comes the sun etc.

The short version – our hotel was disgusting, like totally gross! The room smelled of damp, the sheets were mildewy, the bathroom was ancient and foul, with exposed pipe and sulphuric smelling water, the tables at breakfast were crawling with ants. We asked to move rooms so they took us to one that was even worse!!!! So we went back to the skanky hole.

Outside the "skanky hole"

Outside the "skanky hole"

When we weren’t in the hotel we were hassled ALL the time by hawkers for a massage, transport or looking in their shops. Some were pretty funny though – one guy said to me “Looky looky, spendy spendy” which was loads better than “Hellooooooo good morniiiiiiiiing. You look my shoooooooop” which most people went for.

Gavin got so sunburned on the first day we couldn’t go out on the second day. On third day I got sunburned despite wearing suncream all the time!

Ha ha!

Then on our last day we were so happy we were leaving to go to Ubud we thought we would ‘treat ourselves’ to dinner in a place that was actually a building rather than a shack on the beach. Uh oh. I got food poisoning and was vomiting and the rest all night.

Which meant she was a bit delicate the next day when we were supposed to travel to Ubud. Being the chivalrous sort I tried to get a room for another night so she didn’t have to travel but everywhere was booked. So plan B was, instead of a rickety old Bemo (ramshackle local buses) I would book the hotel special transport – for a LOT of money – to get my lovely wife there without her being sick.

Big mistake – they ripped us off and made us change cars on the side of the motorway to some other joker. I was feeling so ill and couldn’t believe it.

Gets worse though – when they made us switch I left my wallet in the first car with all of our cash and my cards inside it. Oopsy doopsy.

Once notified of this, we had to pay the hotel another shedload of cash to get Gavin’s wallet back to us.  Guess how long this took – 8 hours!

By this point we were pretty low. Our guesthouse in Ubud, Teba House, was so lovely though and did everything they could to help us out.

Teba House garden

Teba House garden - lovely place

The breakfasts’ were great –

even though I had to eat a banana jaffle (toastie) one day

-yes, despite that! Ubud was ok. But still lots of hassle and tourists and traffic. We had 2 days there and were looking forward to getting the hell out of Bali before anything else awful happened!

Which we did but not until they had made us pay a departure tax equivalent to three dinners out on the town and tried to charge us twenty-times the normal cost for a bottle of water. The shop assistants called it “airport prices” with a smile that made you want to punch them.

Anyway, we quit the tiny island and said good riddance to bad rubbish. Bali had the last laugh however – when we got back to Malaysia the shower gel we had bought in Bali had exploded all over my rucksack so all I had to wear was green sticky clothes that smelt of soap.

Two good things came out of Bali. The Indonesian tea was delicious! And we met a great couple, James and Evie, who were travelling round the country. Was so nice to chat with them. Enjoy the last part of your travels guys!

Still, things are looking up now we’re in Malaysia. By the time we write our next post we’ll have trekked in the wilderness and caught the jungle railway north. Can’t wait! See you next time x



  1. that sounds really traumatic guys – i thought you were going there for a relaxing sitting on the beach, drinking cocktails style break!!! crazy people! hope your return to malaysia is a lot less stressful!! worthing misses you both 🙂 xx

    • We miss Worthing too, but Malaysia is treating us well. Had beans on toast and a lovely cup of tea this morning. L.I.V.I.N.

  2. Sorry you didn’t have a very good time. Bali is really hassly – we found it worse than India, and we were used to it had got very good at ignoring people by then. Good luck in Malaysia.

    • We live to barter another day and are having an awesome time in Malaysia. Will be writing all about it once we’re out of the superb Cameron Highlands.

  3. […] Totally true! Erin has done an amazing job of picking places for us to stay. I thought it can’t be that hard, so chose a whole country that wasn’t in the original plan and a place to stay. The country was Bali and the hotel was grots. If you haven’t heard about it already, here’s the post. […]

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