Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | October 13, 2010

Chiang Mai – all Mallory, not so much Travelling

Hello from Twin Peaks apartments in Chiang Mai

The Travelling a bit less for a couple of weeks Mallorys

The Travelling a bit less for a couple of weeks Mallorys

where we have spent a luxurious couple of weeks sunbathing, swimming and visits to the gym.

You only came with me once!

It still counts, and you went all the time!

Twin Peaks gym

Twin Peaks gym

We flew out of Luang Prabang into a 300 baht (about £6) a night hostel in Chiang Mai called the Green Tulip. It was really nicely done up and the owner was a bit crazy (in a good way).

We had decided we wanted to take a holiday from our holiday while in Chiang Mai – we’ve spent three months turning up in new places and eating out and we fancied a rest and some of the wife’s famous cooking. We looked around for an apartment and after seeing a few we settled on the nicest one!

It stretched the budget a bit, but we decided we could still live within our daily budget if we were careful. We moved in, went to the supermarket and got a week’s worth of food then came back to wait for them deliver it and then worked out how much we could spend every day.

We decided to spend the first week doing not a lot at all, then go and see stuff the second week.

So the first week we sat by the pool, I went to the gym, we watched loads of films and the whole first series of House, we ate loads of nice food, and washed up our own dishes. It was so good!

Poolside livin

Poolside livin'

So good in fact, that we did the exact same thing the second week! As a result the Chiang Mai we’ve seen has been more that of people that live here, rather than the tourists we usually are.

The building we’re in has some nice residents that were friendly to us, and we met some others that were passing through. The whole thing has been really relaxing and got us fired up for the next leg of the trip down towards Bangkok and then onto Kuala Lumpur to meet up with the in-laws.

And the Marmite they’re bringing us! Next time we write we’ll have done more stuff so you can expect a nice long post.

If you need more, don’t forget to have a squiz at Worthing Versus The World – the second best Worthing-orientated blog on the market today. After that, have a look at first best Worthing-orientated blog: Worthing Pub Reviews.


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