Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | November 19, 2010

A break in Borneo

In between our time in South East Asia and Japan we scheduled a mini-break to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo. Gavin’s cousin, Darrin, and his wife, Sally live there and they kindly invited us to stay with them.

They mentioned their apartment overlooked the beach so I was sold! It would also be nice to see some family and have a break from hostels for a while.

Darrin and Sally were so great and welcoming. Their apartment is lovely, and to our massive happy surprise we had our own ensuite room.

There was also a pool. Happy days!

On other occasions we would have jumped at the opportunity to properly explore Borneo and see the most we could of this amazing place – thick dense jungle, orangutans and turtles, beautiful islands, climb Mount Kinabalu (maybe!) – but this time we decided to chillaxercise and take it easy.

This comes very naturally to me! After a great, but busy time, when the Murrins visited, ahead of a short window of time to see lots of people back in Japan, we thought we would take this opportunity to give the backpacking bodies a rest.

Darrin and Sally’s apartment is a bit out of the main town and right beside the beach so this suited our needs perfectly! We enjoyed strolling along the beach and watching the beautiful sunsets.

We were regulars in the pool and seemed to have the whole thing to ourselves. Sometimes from the apartment balcony we would see Other People down there, but by the time we had got there ourselves these usurpers had shuffled off. Once there was a bloke with flippers on his hands in there, which was weird.

There was plenty to do and see in Kota Kinablu but we only fitted in one morning of that. The rest of the time passed in a pleasant haze of swimming, strolling, reading, drinks on the beach and cooking again in Darrin and Sally’s kitchen, yay!

Speaking of food, they made us an awesome dhal on our last night – so delicious! Thanks guys!

Yes, a big big thank you for letting us come and stay. They are, of course, extremely excited about coming to see us in Worthing when we get back there and sampling the South Coast delights. Worthing versus the World has been whetting their appetite!

So next up is Japan, our old stomping ground. Will we remember our Japanese?

Mondai nai yo – I was practically fluent don’t you know!

Will we get lost in Shinjuku again?

Of course!

Will Gavin eat more weird food?


We also celebrate our third wedding anniversary in Japan – yes, 3 years down!

We’ll be in touch soon with our Japanese adventures. Sayonara for now!

You nerd!

P.S We are having some minor technical difficulties so no photos in this entry but check out our flickr site for snaps of our time in Borneo.



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