Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | December 31, 2010

Happy new year from Melbourne, Australia!

God rest ye merry blog readers. We had a lush Christmas, thanks for asking. The gazpacho you heard about in our last post was a triumph. That was followed by a proper roast with all the trimmings. We had crackers (aka as bon bons over here. Weird) and Christmas pudding and the whole lot. We even got some Christmas telly in, even if it was last year’s specials from back home.

We got to talk to lots of family as well at various times of the day too which was lovely. Some of them heard from us when they were drunk on Christmas Eve and we were sleepy on Christmas morning here. Others spoke to us in their morning when we’d had a bit of the sauce and were jabbering incoherently. Lovely!

The next day we went to the Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch the cricket. It was a good day. Actually, it was one of the best days in English cricket according to my friends on Facebook as we got Australia all out for 98 by tea time and then we watched England bat their way up to 148 or so with nobody getting out. It was really good!

Unless you’re an Australian, in which case it was really bad.

Ha ha. That’ll teach them to put signs like this outside pubs.

Come and watch the Aussies beat the Poms

Come and watch the Aussies beat the Poms

As well as that we’ve done lots more fun stuff in Melbourne. I took us on the inaugral Gavin’s Walking Tour (terms and conditions apply) of the famous Melbourne laneways, taking in all the graffiti and street art in the city.

We’ve also been to the beach at St Kilda, which was nice and it had a pier.

That was not a pier.

It’s called the pier.

Don’t get me started – I’ll save up my words for Worthing versus the World when it’s time to write the Australia chapter, but rest assured I am ANGRY!

Careful dear, I don’t want you to burst a blood vessel! Where were we? Oh yes, so we went to St Kilda and the old fashioned funfair Luna Park there.

Luna Park - the white scaffolding is an old wooden roolercoaster that runs all the way around the boundary of the park

Luna Park - the white scaffolding is an old wooden rollercoaster that runs all the way around the boundary of the park

Another day we went to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

That was fun. We made our own bullet time video which you can see here. It’s meant to be us dancing. It’s pretty cool eh?

And we went to a few galleries with mixed results. After all the really good ones in Canberra the galleries in Melbourne had a lot to live up to. The National Gallery of Victoria was shut (on a Tuesday!), but we did get into the Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts (which had an installation taking up all three massive rooms with massive words on the walls. Not our cup of tea really) and the other bit of the National Gallery – the Ian Potter centre – which had some nice stuff in, notably a special exhibition called The Naked Face. They were all free, so no complaints there.

By far the most random thing to have happened was on our first day here when we were having a cuppa in the street and who should walk by but the Tasmanians! You might remember that we first met them at our cookery course in Cambodia, then again completely by chance in Laos and now in Melbourne! Insane! Anyway, we went for a beer with them and had a lovely evening.

The Tasmanians (Swish and Tony) and Erin

The Tasmanians (Swish and Tony), and me!

Apart from all that, we have been mostly relaxing, wandering, eating, drinking, watching telly and reflecting on 6 months away.

That’s right – we are halfway through our time now so we’ve put our favourite photos so far into a set. Have a look at The Travelling Mallorys 2010 Top Travel Shots slideshow to see them.

On New Years Eve Melbourne has fireworks so we’re off to see those and continue with the relaxing, wandering, eating and drinking lifestyle to which we have become accustomed.

Happy New Year to everyone. We’re looking forward to seeing you in 2011!

Happy New Year x



  1. Can’t believe you’re halfway! Good work travelators. Wishing you a very happy new year from Laaahndan taaaan xx

  2. Happy new year dudesters!!

  3. […] the varying lushness of beaches is not the main issue here. Those of you that read The Travelling Mallorys New Year message will be waiting for my review of St Kilda beach and it’s so-called […]

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