Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | January 11, 2011

The Travelling Mallorys in the news

Our Worthing versus the World blog has been picked up by the press. Woo yeah!

More news on Worthing versus the World >



  1. The comment i intended to appear here seems to have gone onto the 14th jan blog, (how like the “GERALD”) not sure how that happened as i’ve only had a few ales… So perhaps i should leave an appropriate antipodean comment here such as… “STREWTH, ROLF… YOUR GUYS TOOK ONE HELL OF A BEATING…!” CHIN-CHIN!; >

  2. Hello Malllorys
    Just left a commment on your worthing vs the world blog as well.
    Getting in touch from BBC Sussex radio. We would love to talk to you as this sounds like a very interesting story.
    If you could get in touch with us asap on 01273 320 436 or email that would be great!
    many thanks
    BBC Sussex

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