Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | January 13, 2011

The end of Australia – Melbourne to Adelaide

Hello again fans. Hope 2011 has started well for you. We hear the snow has pretty much melted now (except in The North where my sister and Nick are – unlucky Pocklingtonians)

We spent the first few days of the new year in Melbourne, enjoying our lovely apartment (thanks again Paul and Portia). We also ventured out a bit. Gavin took me on a special walking tour on New Year’s Day. Regular readers will be aware of Gavin’s Walking Tours Inc. Our NY Day tour was architectural and we saw some amazing buildings.

Check this out – an architectural optical illusion.

Melbourne Customs Building. I looks like it's on the wonk, but it's not. Or is it?

Melbourne Customs Building. It looks like it's on the wonk, but it's not. Or is it?

I continued working my way through Paul and Portia’s cookbooks and whipped up some tasty, if rather flat, banana bread, a triumvirate of dips (smashed chickpeas, guacamole and salsa) and chocolate brownies being the highlights.

Mmmmmmmm, tasty. I have been eating a lot as part of Project Get Fat. I have a small belly but nothing significant as yet (unless you count the wind from the chickpea thing).

So next up was Adelaide to see Auntie Chris. She helps train guide dogs, and one of her dogs, Millie, has just had puppies! Ah, aren’t they cute!

A bow wow wow yippio yippiay

Do you want to come and see my puppies?

Auntie Chris was kept pretty busy with the mini-mutts but gave us lots of lifts, tips and vouchers to sample the delights of Adelaide. Thanks for being such a great host! First up was Glenelg beach.

Gorgeous white sand, clear blue waters, nearby beach bars – what more could you ask for after having got up at 3.30am for our flight? A swim really blew the old cobwebs away.

Despite being awake since 3am, the Travelling Mallorys could still turn it on for the camera

Despite being awake since 3am, the Travelling Mallorys could still turn it on for the camera

We spent the next couple of days in the city, visiting the South Australia museum, Gallery of South Australia, The National Wine Centre, the Botanical Gardens where we went on a free tour with loads of naturists

I think they’re called botanists

and the Migration Museum.

At the National Wine Centre

Tick tock - it's wine o'clock! At the National Wine Centre

Adelaide has a really nice vibe – relaxed and friendly. Auntie Chris had several other guests: Caroline from Brisbane, who was helping with the puppies, and Chris and Anne from Victoria who were on their way to Kangaroo Island so there was never a dull moment! We had BBQ’s in the garden, as well as a bacon and egg brekkie on the barbie. There were lots of visitors popping in and out too, to see the pups. With two, sometimes, three dogs around (plus pupsters) it was a full house!

Lots of fun! And I tell you what else was fun, the wine tour we did of the Barossa Valley. If you know me, you know I love wine, so it was great to go and visit some of the vineyards. Australian wine is world famous but there is more to it than Jacobs Creek (though they are the monsters of the vineyards in the Barossa Valley).

We visited four wineries on the tour – Kies (where we had morning tea and several delicious tastings); Langmeil where we had an interesting tour of the vines; Keisler where we had lunch and I ate kangaroo for the first time! It was quite nice but a bit springy. Badum tish.

Our final vineyard was Wolf Blass, a big Daddy. We had a structured tasting here of five wines of varying vintages which were all pretty nice. They also offered deluxe tastings of their very expensive ($170 a bottle) and award winning Shiraz for a small fee. I thought No Way!

But I had had a few vinos so was well up for it! Am glad we did as they were some of the best wines we have ever tasted. And we got some chocolate too, which went with the wine really well. Shocking. We took some photos but accidentally deleted them so you’ll have to take our word for it. Wao wao wao waaaaoooooooo.

We met lots of really nice people on the tour, including a Welsh couple (imagine Nessa’s dad and Gwen from Gavin and Stacey), a Northern Irish couple, four drunk young Aussies and a family from Brisbane who were trying to escape the floods.

Which brings us to Brisbane, and more widely Queensland. I don’t know how aware of it people are back home but Queensland is being battered by extreme flooding at the moment. It is all over the news and very sobering to be here at this time of national crisis. Everyone we have stayed with and met knows someone who is affected, and Caroline has been prevented from going home because of the floods. Our thoughts are with all those suffering. We can’t believe we were in that exact area only a month and a half ago.

So here we are in Christchurch, New Zealand. Another day, another country. It has started well because our local pub does a selection of ale and has a daily happy hour where beer is £2.50 a pint. I am going every day!

We will be in touch again soon with our adventures in New Zealand and Gavin’s adventures in the local pub!

Bye for now. Hic!



  1. the puppy is cute

  2. The floods are bonkers… the area affected in QLD is the size of france & germany put together… and it’s heading to VIC i hope every one stays safe!

    Here’s a link to help QLD if that’s your cup of tea please do xxx

  3. Looks like you had fun in Australia while you were here! I hope you enjoyed Melbourne. How’s New Zealand so far?

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