Posted by: The Travelling Mallorys | March 17, 2011

One week in windy Wellington

Our first two nights in Wellington were spent at the YHA in town – the most expensive hostel we have stayed at so far, but it is a 5 star residence.

And you say I never take you to nice places!

Well, it wasn’t exactly the Ritz was it, but it was fine for a couple of nights.

We still had some wine left over from our Marlborough trip, so we drank that and I got a bit mischevious.

32 years old and still sticking it to the man

32 years old and still sticking it to the man

Such an embarrassment! The next day we moved into a room in The Lower Hutt, which is about 20 minutes in the train out of the city centre.

When people are going into town they say “I’m off to the Hutt” which makes me smirk every time. I want to open a golf course called Putt in The Hutt but I’m no Richard Branson, so we’ll leave that to the professionals.

The people we’re staying with – Phil and Coleen – are lovely. They keep offering us lifts everywhere and letting us eat all the good stuff from their garden.

Coleen also made a lush apple pie the other day that I ate most of!

But what have we been up to? Quite a lot actually. The first thing we did was visit the New Zealand parliament.

It's called The Beehive. Can you guess why?

It's called The Beehive. Can you guess why?

We had a really interesting tour around there, then went up the cable car to get a view of the city and walk through the botanical gardens.

View over Wellington

View over Wellington

Strawberries and cream rose at the gardens

Strawberries and cream rose at the gardens

The rose garden was particularly beautiful. We even saw a British legend.

Despite our pleas, the Morecambe and Wise dance was not going to happen

Despite our pleas, the Morecambe and Wise dance was not going to happen

Te Papa is a humongous museum, and also the national museum of New Zealand. I spotted a talk that was happening and suggested to the wife that we might like to go along – it was by a lady called Alison Holst who apparently ‘revolutionised cooking in New Zealand’.

We asked our host family about her, and indeed she is really famous. They even had a few of her books. She’s the Kiwi Delia.


Good one.

When we go to the talk it was really busy – full of Kiwi grannies jostling for front-row seats! We weren’t sure if it was going to be a cooking demonstration or what. It turned out to be her talking about funny things that had happened to her in her life as a TV chef, like the time when she defrosted a load of meat on a hotel bathroom floor overnight, and when she woke up the room was covered in blood!

She was very entertaining. A bit like meeting someone else’s gran for the first time. I liked the story about the duck they called Quack and they put in a nappy.

Bonkers. Other places we have visited include the national portrait gallery which was small but perfectly formed, the Olympics museum which was utterly brilliant and the Museum of Wellington City and Sea.

Sailing away with Captain Gav

Sailing away with Captain Gav

You forgot about the cable car museum.

Oh yeah! That was really good too. And we’ve been to the City Gallery and the fine art gallery too. So much culture!

That’s not even all of it –  we went to the Dowse Gallery too, which is in The Hutt.

I think that’s everything. Not only are we being super cultured, but we’ve been really healthy too. The house we’re in is vegetarian


and since our crazy night in the YHA we’ve had a week of detox and healthiness, cooking and eating delicious things like this.

Jamie's sausage and tomato bake - delish!

Jamie's (veggie) sausage and tomato bake - delish!

It was all going really well – I was feeling great, getting up in the morning with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. That is until this man came on the scene.

Drink my lovely 20 year old rum. You won't feel a thing!

Drink my lovely 20 year old rum. You won't feel a thing!

The evil genius you see above is Robin, an old friend of mine I worked with back in the day at The Moving Picture Company.

Robin and his lovely girlfriend Sasha cooked us a great dinner and we had a lovely time, then the rum came out and Gavin started hiccuping so we thought it was time to leave.

Wow! A camera!

Wow! A camera!

We dashed to the station to get the train, but we missed it. And when we miss a train we don’t just miss it, we royally miss it. We missed it by two hours!

We had completely misread the timetable, so a taxi was the only way to get back. Whoopsy.

The next day wasn’t very pretty – I was in bed for most of it – but we had a great time with those two and we’ll see them again before we leave.

Back on the detox now though. My husband is getting too old for all this. He can’t keep up with us twenty-somethings!

You’ll cross the threshold of your thirties soon enough my sweet.

We’ve got a few more days here in The Hutt and Wellington before we get our travelling shoes back on and head to Napier.

We’ll mostly be avoiding rum in that time.

Good idea! Bye for now x



  1. Your blog is great you guys. Great to read about your adventures. We enjoyed having you to stay, gosh the house seemed even empty tonight!
    Happy safe travels! Keep in touch. Colleen and Phil

    • Thanks Colleen – we had a lovely time with you and enjoyed meeting you and your family. See you in England!

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