Hello! We are The Travelling Mallorys. Genuine grown-ups who saved for a year, left our house and jobs behind to travel the world for 12 months, or until our money runs out.

In the blue corner it’s me, Gavin.

I’ll be mainly writing about what the beer is like. I am a producer for a digital media company back home, who gave me a sabbatical. Cheers boss.

I’m Erin and I write in pink.

I am going to concentrate on culture and food (especially vegetarian food). I left my job working for a charity to come on the trip.

Thanks for reading our blog. We’d love to know who’s reading it, so leave us a comment to make our day.

See you when we see you, or see you on another time.

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  1. Bonjour… I’ve added your blog to our blog lists… wanna do the same, do ya?! ours is new… so it’s still a secret but you can be the firsts to see if you like:

  2. You are so wise to quit your jobs and travel!

  3. Hello,

    107.7 Splash FM would like to feature your story in our news bulletins.

    Please could you call 01903 221884 or email news@splashfm.com as soon as possible.

    Many thanks.

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