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Christchurch earthquake – we are fine

There has been a massive earthquake in the middle of the day in Christchurch. We are fine (as we are miles away from there now) but a lot of people and the city aren’t.

Thanks for the e-mails and texts. Hopefully most people saw our message on Facebook.

We’ll be thinking about Christchurch – one of our favourite places – and the people we know there.

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Back to work with a bang! HelpX in Amberley and Dunedin, New Zealand

When you last heard from us we said

We have just arrived at our first Help Exchange. We will live with the family, work for four hours a day (you know, doing manly things like chopping wood) and get our food and accommodation in return.

I’m looking forward to it, especially seeing Gavin being manly!

Well folks, the wait is over. Here I am with my manly HelpX stance at full pelt.

Cleaning doesn't get more manly than this!

Cleaning doesn't get manlier than this!

My hero!

So we arrived back in Read More…

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Kaikoura, and EXTREME whale watching!

Hello again fans! So we left Christchurch on the bus heading to Kaikoura. A mere 3 hours later we arrived, after having to do a loop of the peninsula after the driver forgot to do a stop and an elderly French couple started shouting, “STOP THE BUS! YHA!!!!!!!!”

Kaikoura is on the eastern coast of the South Island. The ocean surrounding the town is teeming with marine life, due to a unique occurence of a dramatic continental shelf. This means it is a happy place for whales, seals and dolphins.



Well it’s a lot happier for them now than Read More…

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2011 IPC World Athletics Championships

Hi everyone. We are on our last day in Christchurch here and have had a wonderful 2 weeks.

Yesterday was one of my highlights of our whole trip. We went to the International Paralympic World Athletics Championships at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium here in Christchurch.

On our way in

On our way in

We found out last week they were being held here and Read More…

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Hello Christchurch, New Zealand

After having to get up at 3am to get our flight from Melbourne to Adelaide, we treated ourselves to a lie-in for our flights to New Zealand and didn’t have to be out of bed until 5am.

Auntie Chris said she didn’t mind giving us a lift to the airport as the dogs and puppies would have her awake every hour or so based on recent days. In the event, it was the first night they slept all the way through so I had to go and wake her up! Sorry about that Auntie Chris.

We got to the airport in plenty of time and found our flight was delayed by an hour, but for the first time ever we were happy to be delayed. Why? Well, we were flying back into Melbourne, Australia and then onto Christchurch, New Zealand from there but in order to keep the flights as cheap as possible we had a full day waiting at Melbourne so any delay on the first flight meant less time hanging around there.

It did mean hanging around at Adelaide though, but I had a Burger King (they call it Hungry Jacks in Australia, but I was pleased to see in NZ normal naming is resumed) breakfast and all was well with the world.

We got to Melbourne and our luggage came of the carousel last. Still no worries as we weren’t in a rush! After an explore of the airport we found a seat, bought a newspaper and tried our hardest not to spend all our money!

The flight to Christchurch was pretty busy as one had been cancelled earlier in the day. When we arrived we found out why, but more on that later.

Cathedral Square in Christchurch

Cathedral Square in Christchurch


Once we got there we went as quickly as we could to passport control because it was getting close to midnight at this stage and the people we were staying with were waiting for us. More on them later too!  Read More…

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The end of Australia – Melbourne to Adelaide

Hello again fans. Hope 2011 has started well for you. We hear the snow has pretty much melted now (except in The North where my sister and Nick are – unlucky Pocklingtonians)

We spent the first few days of the new year in Melbourne, enjoying our lovely apartment (thanks again Paul and Portia). We also ventured out a bit. Gavin took me on a special walking tour on New Year’s Day. Regular readers will be aware of Gavin’s Walking Tours Inc. Our NY Day tour was architectural and we saw some amazing buildings.

Check this out – an architectural optical illusion.

Melbourne Customs Building. I looks like it's on the wonk, but it's not. Or is it?

Melbourne Customs Building. It looks like it's on the wonk, but it's not. Or is it?

I continued working my way through Read More…

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The Travelling Mallorys in the news

Our Worthing versus the World blog has been picked up by the press. Woo yeah!

More news on Worthing versus the World >

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Happy new year from Melbourne, Australia!

God rest ye merry blog readers. We had a lush Christmas, thanks for asking. The gazpacho you heard about in our last post was a triumph. That was followed by a proper roast with all the trimmings. We had crackers (aka as bon bons over here. Weird) and Christmas pudding and the whole lot. We even got some Christmas telly in, even if it was last year’s specials from back home.

We got to talk to lots of family as well at various times of the day too which was lovely. Some of them heard from us when they were drunk on Christmas Eve and we were sleepy on Christmas morning here. Others spoke to us in their morning when we’d had a bit of the sauce and were jabbering incoherently. Lovely!

The next day we went to the Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch the cricket. It was a good day. Actually, it was one of the best days in English cricket according to my friends on Facebook as we got Australia all out for 98 by tea time and then we watched England bat their way up to 148 or so with nobody getting out. It was really good!

Unless you’re an Australian, in which case it was really bad.

Ha ha. That’ll teach them to put signs like this outside pubs.

Come and watch the Aussies beat the Poms

Come and watch the Aussies beat the Poms

As well as that we’ve done lots more fun stuff in Melbourne Read More…

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Happy Christmas from The Travelling Mallorys

It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!

Calm down dear.

I love Chriiiiiiiiiiiistmas!

Yes, but you don’t have to say it like Noddy Holder every time. Honestly. Anyroad, we wanted to share with you what Christmas is like on the other side of the world (assuming you are in England when you read this because we’re in Australia).

We’ve been Chriiiiiiiiiiiistmas shopping to get all the stuff we need for a traditional day. Here’s our story…

We’re staying at our friend’s place in Melbourne, so first things first – we decorated!

Christmas Tree

First we got a tree - this took ages! Almost the whole of Melbourne was sold out, but we didn't give up.

Tinsel bookshelf

Then we got some tinsel on the go. That also proved more difficult to find than one might imagine, but we did it!

Next up it was time to go food shopping. Where do Ozzies go food shopping you ask? Read More…

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As Oprah would say, we’re going to AUSTRALIA!!!!

G’day from Down Under! How’re ya going?? I am really getting into the local lingo…

Err, yeah….Your Australian accent is getting slightly better, no longer sounding so Welsh!

So as you know we left Japan after an amazing 2 weeks. We got a cheapie Jetstar flight to Cairns, so this time no free anything! And the worst thing was we landed at the crack of dawn, 5am!

Due to strict Australian quarantine laws some of our food was confiscated on arrival! I am not really sure what impact a rice ball could have on the Australian ecosystem but now we will never find out. I actually think the security man scoffed it for his brekkie!

Now to Cairns – Read More…

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