Travelling by numbers

Lots of little things happen to us that we want to remember, so we’re going to write them down here and keep adding new ones (at the bottom of the page) until we come back to the Mighty Worthing.

Number of times we have…

  • Entered a new country – 6 7 9 10 11 (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and America)
  • Been hit by motorbikes – 2 (one each, always gently)
  • Seen traffic accidents – 1 2 3 (a pushbike crash (injuries not life threatening) and a car we were in side-swiped a scooter, but the car came off worse, thank goodness.) plus a bus we were on reversed into a 4×4
  • Had our foot runover – 1 (actually it was more of a toe)
  • Been offered drugs – 7 9 (always Gavin! Must be the long hair)
  • Been offered drugs when ordering a pizza over the phone – 1 (Also Gavin, so there goes the hair theory)
  • Been invited to a gallery opening night party – 2 3
  • Bought food we couldn’t eat – 2
  • Had food poisoning – 2 (one each)
  • Had sunburn – 2 (one each)
  • Had a breakdown – 1.5 (both Erin) 4
  • Lost luggage – 1 but we got it back
  • Lost wallet / purse – 1 but we got it back
  • Watched Arsenal live on TV – 3 5 7 Loads. Come on you Gunners!
  • Headbutted a tuk tuk – 1 (Erin)
  • Had shoes broken by a tuk tuk – 1 (Gavin)
  • Met other people who are travelling for a year – 1 2 (Bas and Eline, Adam)
  • Taken an overnight train – 2
  • Flown – 4 5 7 12 (including from London)
  • Sailed – 6 7 9
  • Bussed – too many for too long!
  • Had to complain about our room being skanky – 1
  • Been to a hostess bar – 1 (accidentally)
  • Had no idea what was happening (easier to do this as a percentage) – 55%
  • Eaten new/weird fruits – 7 (Rambutan, durian, mangosteen, dragonfruit, pink dragonfruit, jackfruit, langsat)
  • Films we’ve watched that we wouldn’t normally have watched but it was a novelty to have a TV and it was the only thing in English – 8 (Killer Komodo Dragons, Zathura (A Space Adventure), Disaster Movie, Fired Up (which was brilliant), Winged Creatures, Avatar, He’s Just Not That Into You, City of Ember)
  • Had a TV remote control where the channel up or volume down button worked – 0
  • Been to the cinema – 1 2 3 4 5 (Inception, Salt, Harry Potter, Little Fockers and The Adjustment Bureau)
  • Read books (only worth counting Gavin) – 5 7 8 9 Loads actually.
  • Called the Lonely Planet a rude word – 356 Lost count!
  • Disagreed with Trip Advisor – 1
  • Got caught in a monsoon – 3
  • Remembered to bring an umbrella – 0
  • Broken a pair of sunglasses – 4 5 (all Erin!)
  • Used American English in Australia when the Queens English would have been much clearer – 4 (all Gavin)
  • Stayed in friend’s houses – 5 6 (thanks everyone!)
  • Said “Sorry, how much?” when told the price of a drink in an Australian bar – 4 (It’s so expensive, but one cannot live without the booze!)
  • Tried every single beer in a pub – 1 (Monteiths Merrin Street, Christchurch, New Zealand. Best place on earth)
  • Had Kiwis comment at how far we’ll walk for a pint – 1 (someone drove past us on our way to the Old Leithfield Pub and when we got there said to his friends “Blimey. I passed them all the way back at Pukeko. They must really want a drink!”)
  • Injured ourselves – 5 (toe driven over, two toes cut while climbing rocks, one back gashed on a tree, two heels blistered walking up a glacier, 1 entire body sunburnt).
  • Gavin has been accused of being something he’s not – 5 (Arabic, Croatian, Osama’s brother, Israeli, Justin Timberlake)
  • Lost things – 3 (Gavin’s fleece and hat, Erin’s umbrella)
  • Been upgraded – 1 (from a little studio into a lovely apartment)
  • Been on a brewery tour – 2 (Speights and Monteiths)
  • Visited a vineyard – 14 (Barossa Valley in Australia and Marlborough in New Zealand)
  • Been to a theme park – 9 (Universal Studios Singapore, Tokyo Disney, Tokyo Disney Sea, Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios)
  • Flown British Airways – 1
  • Come home to England with a smile on our faces – 1


  1. You guyyyyyyyys! I am LOVING ‘Travelling by numbers’! I too have blasphemed the good name of the Lonely Planet on many occasions. Sorry for my lack of comment until now – I have been laid low by an evil lurgy of the chest variety so finally have a chance to catch up on lots of your pictures and posts. Looks like you had a ball with the Murrins – sending you lots of love for safe onward travels xxx

  2. Great list! I am surprised you only saw 2 traffic accidents considering the craziness of Asian drivers. We saw 4 accidents in just 3 days in Lima. And only two other people travelling for a year? I would have thought it’d be a lot more common on the SE Asia/Australia route.

    We have completely lowered our standards in films too! I have discovered a worrying ability to watch romcoms, especially on long bus rides.

  3. This was hilarious. I laughed out loud twice. Great post!

  4. Cheers for the comment Alexandra, though we’re disappointed you didn’t seem to make it Worthing (the jewel of Britain’s south coast) when you were in England.

    Here’s why you should go next time you’re over: Worthing versus the World.

  5. I was in Brighton one night, but I don’t think I saw Worthing. I’ll make sure to go for a day this summer!

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